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Students prepare for Halloween with pumpkin carving

From scary to silly and sensational, students are getting ready for the spooky holiday with freshly-carved gourds


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Halloween is this week and people are buying, selling, and carving pumpkins to celebrate the holiday.

“Every year my family and I, after carving them, put the pumpkins outside with candles lit inside of them and place them in front of our house in the garden,” Sophomore Autumn O’Neal said.

According to, more than 18,952 pumpkins are sold in the United Kingdom and United States every year during Halloween season.

“Every Halloween, we buy, at most, four pumpkins,” Sophomore Dedra Rodgers said. “My niece and I carve and decorate them and then sit them outside on the step for display.”

From scary images to silly, ugly, funny, and more, pumpkins take a variety of shapes during the month of October with the most popular pumpkins usually coinciding with what is popular in the media.

“This year I saw pumpkins with characters from “Breaking Bad”, “Iron Man”, and “The Walking Dead” which were really neat,” Journalism Teacher Leigh Walker said. “It is always fun to see new ideas people have when carving and what really stands out as different each year.”

Still, not all people go with the new, choosing to carve a more traditional gourd but still putting their own twist on it.

“Every Halloween we carve something new into the pumpkin’s face,” Sophomore Kajuana Breakley said. “Last year we did funny, fun faces and this year we took the stencils off the back of a cereal box and used that to make our pumpkins faces.”

While some people leave their pumpkin outside for weeks on display, others clean and carve the pumpkin of their choice for a more sensible decoration, a candy bowl for trick-or-treaters.

“I help my grandmother clean out three pumpkins every year so she can use them to put candy in for the trick-or-treaters,” Junior Deryck King said. “Her reasoning is, that it’s more fun having a pumpkin full of candy than a dusty old bowl of candy and it gets you into the Halloween spirit.”

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Students prepare for Halloween with pumpkin carving