ACE team travels to regional competition


Catherine Carter

Junior Luke Garcia sets up the buzzers for the first home match of the season.

Autumn Turpin, Editor in Chief

On Jan. 17 the Galileo High School ACE Team hosted the annual Dogwood District Tournament which brought in six other schools from the district as a finale to the regular ACE season.

“I was very satisfied with the results of the tournament, as a team, we have come a long way this season after winning states last year,” ACE Coach Jared Smith said. “We are still developing into a stronger team but everyone is contributing in their own way.”

Smith has been the coach of the team since its creation in 2010.

Schools from six other areas in the Dogwood District participated in the tournament including Dan River, Gretna, Chatham, Appomattox, Altavista, and William Campbell high schools.

“The tournament was played under double elimination rules, after two losses you’re knocked out of the tournament,” Smith said. “Galileo and Chatham met in the finals, Chatham beat us two out of three to win the district.”

Matches work in three rounds; there are 15 toss-up questions in round one, 10 directed questions for each team in round two and 15 toss-ups for round 3. No one can get a perfect score but the maximum amount of points you can get is 500.

The Galileo ACE team has 23 students. Of the 23 only 10 played are at the top of the team as starters including Seniors Jenita Theodore and William Jones, and Juniors Luke Garcia and Mary McLaughlin. Theodore is also the team captain.

“I got 125 points in total,” Junior Luke Garcia said. “ I’m happy with how I played because the numbers show considerable improvement since last year. Previously, I would only get two digit results, so I hope this is a sign that I’ll do even better my senior year.”

The Galileo ACE team has 23 students. Of the 23, 10 played who are considered by Smith to be at the top of the team. The starters for the team are Seniors Jenita, and William Jones, and Juniors Garcia and Mary McLaughlin. Theodore is also the team captain.

“The last two matches were really memorable,” Garcia said. “We had a bit of a losing streak against Chatham, but we ended up meeting them in the finals. We ended up beating them in the penultimate match, so it lead us to a tiebreaker match in which we lost by only five points. It was really nerve-racking because if we had only gotten one more question, we would have gotten first place. It was disappointing, but we had a good time. I’m happy with how far our team has come.”