Second semester starts Jan. 7


Isaac Vanderveer

Science Teacher Lee Carter helps Senior Davis Potts identify parts of the eye during his third period anatomy and physiology class.

Autumn Turpin, Editor in Chief

The morning of Jan. 7 marked the beginning of a new semester for more than 280 students, but for some, it will be their last new semester at Galileo.

I am always excited about a new semester,” Principal Michelle Ramsey said. “It is always enjoyable to see the students when we return from a long break, and it’s refreshing to see smiling faces and the reminder that we have a fresh start this semester.”

The school held an open house Jan. 4 to allow students to meet their new teachers, collect supply lists, and map our their new route from class to class.

Freshman Jaylynn Silva attended open house, one of 67 new freshmen that joined the Galileo student body in August.

“The start to this semester feels different than the last since I’m more prepared and less nervous than I was on my first day of high school,” Silva said. “I have really enjoyed being at Galileo so far and am excited for new classes this semester and the chance to meet new teachers and students.”

Science Teacher Lee Carter will teach AP Environmental Science, Anatomy and Physiology, and Environmental Studies in the spring and said he was excited to meet his new classes.

“Last semester I mostly taught biology classes but this semester I have three different classes, so all of them are nothing like what I taught last semester and that helps keep things fresh for me,” Carter said. “I really hope this semester doesn’t have as many weather-related issues as last semester so I get the chance to really work with my students.”

Though the start of a new semester brings excitement and determination to some, it also brings a sad feeling to the hearts of others who walk the halls, as at the end of May 67 seniors will graduate and earn the status of alumni.

“It is incredibly sad that this is the last semester for the seniors here at Galileo. I have grown to know them, not only this year and last year, but when I was teaching here as well,” Ramsey said. “I taught several of the seniors, including the ones that were here for the eighth-grade program.  It is always a bittersweet moment when we arrive in May. I love to see the excitement the seniors have for their new adventures, but I hate to see them leave Galileo. They will always hold a special place in our hearts.”

Senior Trevor Percario arrived at Galileo 2015, and over the years has participated in various clubs and extracurriculars including forensics, art club, cross country, and soccer, each holding special memories for his time as a Falcon.

“I am excited for the second semester since it means I am close to finishing high school and moving on but, I will miss many aspects of Galileo including the friends I have made here,” Percario said.

Even with the stress of new classes and expectation, and the bittersweet aspect of graduation, faculty and students are looking towards the positive side, pumped for fun events planned for the last semester of the school year.

“The second semester is always busy, but very exciting,” Ramsey said. “There are many events for students and teachers to look forward to this semester including SCA events, prom, and various others. I look forward to each day that I get to spend getting to know our students more.”