Students nab wins at faculty-student games


The last hurrah before final exams May 24, teachers, alumni and members of the senior class stopping briefly for a group picture during the faculty-student dodgeball game May 10 to commemorate the students’ first ever win against the teachers. Pictured are (front row, left to right) Alumnus Taz Rogers, Seniors Jaden Lamothe, Lance-Elliott Christensen and Isaiah Warner and Substitute Teacher Joshua Whitaker (back row) Science Teacher Lee Carter, Javonte Kirby, City Manager Ken Larking, History Teacher Hunter Nash, Senior Shane Tu, English Teacher Cary Wright, Senior Kush Patel, Alumnus Jermaine Davis, Fire Chief David Eagle, History Teacher Jared Smith, Senior Hammad Nasir, Alumnus Andrew Carter, Principal Michelle Ramsey and Art Teacher Ashley Murphy.

Autumn Turpin, Editor

It was every man for himself May 10 when the Student Council Association held its annual Student-Faculty game at O.T. Bonner Middle School, an end of the year event that gives both sides a chance to have some fun before exams begin.

“The school has been holding a Faculty/Student Basketball Game since before I was here. We started dodgeball about seven years ago because more people are able to play as it requires less prior knowledge than basketball,”  SCA Adviser Leigh Walker said. “We had a great turn out and it was great to see so many alumni come out and support the school.”

More than 60 students played in the dodgeball and basketball games, battling nine teachers, Principal Michelle Ramsey, Danville City Manager Ken Larking and Fire Chief David Eagle.

“It was so much fun and it was so wonderful that Mr. Larking and Mr. Eagle came out and supported us the way they did,” Walker said. “They were such great sports and the kids enjoyed the game so much more with new faces taking part.”

SCA President Isaiah Warner served as captain for the student team while English Teacher Cary Wright serves as captain of their opposition.

“I participated in the events last year, in both dodgeball and basketball.  I also played few years before as an alumni playing against the faculty, so I’ve had some experience,” Science Teacher and Alumnus Lee Carter said. “I am certainly more of a dodgeball fan, especially if anybody saw me out there playing. I was probably showing off a little bit, but it was a good time.”

Winning both games by a hair, the students enjoyed the victory, taking out the last dodgeball opponent left in the game, History Teacher Hunter Nash, with more than one ball.

“It was a blast and so many people made it fun. Mr. Whitaker, a substitute teacher, stepped up to play when so many teachers couldn’t, so it was great to have him and Alumnus Andrew Carter served as referee so we thank him too,” Walker said. “Events like this, that give the students the chance to see the teachers as more than just people who gives grades, bring so much value to the student-teacher relationship. We want them to see us as people who want them to succeed, not just academically, but in every aspect and it is great to spend some time relaxing together before we wrap up another year.”

Students paid $3 to play in the games and $1 to watch, and with money raised used by the SCA to fund future school events and happenings.

“We don’t do the game to raise money but we do make a little every year. We mainly charge to play in the games so we can get an idea of who is interested so we can plan teams,” Walker said. “We had a great deal of interest in both sports this year and one game got snowed out in March so we decided to hold both instead of one or the other. It worked out well so that might be an option moving forward so more students can be involved.”