Track team earns honors April 14

Autumn Turpin, Editor

The Galileo High School Track Team continuing to build on a strong season, leading up to the Virginia State Championships set for June 1-2.

“The track meets are going really well,” Galileo Track and Cross Country Coach Mark Bryant said. “We’re not really trying to win meets. After all, we only ran eight of the 17 events. We’re just participating in what we can fit into. As such our performance is impressive because we won at Magna Vista and we tied Patrick County for the win at Patrick County.”

Bryant said for future meets the team will mainly be working on getting getting stronger and faster.

“Right now we’re still moving students around seeing which events they fit best in, and which combination of events they can do together in a day,” Bryant said.

In the meet held April 14, Senior Colin ‘Henry’ Stevens won both the mile run, with a time of 4:34, and the two mile run, with a time of 10:08. Stevens qualified for the State Championships in the 800 meter, 1600 meter and 3200 meter runs.

The boys 4×800 team, composed of Juniors Dusten Woods, Jordan Pridgen and Sophomores Kinkade Huggins and Owen Woods, punched their ticket to the Virginia State Championships with their second place finish and qualifying time.

“This season has been pretty rewarding,” Owen Wood said. “The fact that the girls got first place with 105 points during the first meet we were in was a really good feeling for the team. I’ve enjoyed running this season, especially in the 800 meter run, the 4×400, and 4×800 relays.”

On the girls side of April 14, the team won their first ever meet, topping Basset by 1 point, with a final score of 105 to 104.

Sophomore and first-year team member Khyra Smith qualified for the Virginia State Championships in the 200 meter run.

“I have really enjoyed being on the track team and running in the events,” Smith said. “So far the 100 meter run has been my favorite thing this season because it’s very competitive. One of my goals while I’m on the team is that I’d like to take Talashjah’s spot in the state championships.”

Freshman Caroline Woods also made a strong showing this season by winning the 800 meter dash at the meet. Woods finishing second in the mile, and anchored the victorious 4×800 meter relay team, which also included Sophomores Angel Lin, Mary McLaughlin and Freshman Christa Zackary.

Zackary finished third in the 400 meter dash after running it for the first time, and also helped to achieve the second place finish in the 4×400 relay.

I felt amazing running the 400 meter dash for the first time, even though I was a bit nervous. I knew at that point it was my event, and I wanted to excel in it,” Zackary said. “I love being on the team with such amazing teammates and working with such inspirational coaches. They are like a big family and I don’t know if I could do this everyday without them.”