Students to compete at state convention Feb. 15-16

Autumn Turpin, Editor

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On Feb. 15 44 members of the  Beta Club will be traveling to Hampton to compete at the 2018 Virginia State Beta Convention.

We attend the Virginia State Beta Convention each year to give club members the opportunity to compete against students from other schools in academics tests, talent, quiz bowl and many other events,” Beta Club Sponsor Leigh Walker said. “The convention gives our students the opportunity to meet others their age who have similar interests while also learning how to be good competitors and win or lose in a professional manner.”

Walker has been the sponsor of the Beta Club for four years with the previous sponsor of the club being English Teacher Dannie Mills.

“For the last few years the location of the state convention has changed,”Walker said. “It was held in Richmond for many years, then in Williamsburg last year and now in Hampton. The changing of the location is good because students get to visit different areas however, it provides some difficulty as with each new change we have to find new hotels and restaurants that will work with such a large group.”

The club excels in different events each year depending on how much time the students have put in preparation, what kind of content the events consist of and how many events they have students volunteer for as the more competitions they are in, the more points they can earn as a club.

The chaperones for the trip will be Walker, Mills, School Counselor Kendra Hatchett, Principal Michelle Ramsey, English Teacher Michelle Larking and History Teacher Jared Smith.

“I’m really excited about going to convention because I’ve never gone to one, and I think it will be fun to meet new people who share my interests,” Freshman and New Beta Emily Ebalo said. “I think it’s a really interesting opportunity to have.”

In addition to Ebalo, 12 other freshmen will be attending Beta Convention for the first time with a total of 44 students will be going on the trip.

“I always look forward to convention. It is so much fun, especially because so much work goes into preparing, and you get to see all of your hard work pay off when you are there,” Walker said. “I like that our students get to show off their individual talents in art, academics, engineering and so many other things. So much is going on while we are there so it flies by quickly.”

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