Falcons aid God’s Pit Crew with water drive


Isaac Vanderveer

Sophomore Kinkade Huggins counts cases of water as they are brought in by students and parents at drop off Sept. 15.

Baylee French, Editor

Over the past few weeks Galileo has been collecting cases of water to send to Texas and Florida to help people who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

“Our goal for the school as a whole is 200 cases, and it is great to see everyone bringing in as much as possible in order for this event to be a success,” Senior and SCA President Isaiah Warner said.

The SCA and Beta Club have also decided to set individual goals in order to help these people in need with SCA’s goal set at 50 cases and Beta Club’s goal 70 cases.

“I am very proud of my fellow Falcons who have donated cases of water to the school and unfortunately although we have not met our goal we still have around 130 cases which is very significant and I’m sure the people will not be disappointed,” Senior and Beta Club President Hammad Nasir said.

If the goal of 200 cases is met by Sept. 22, the students will be rewarded with an ice cream party one day during Spirit Week.

“The incentive of having an ice cream party in return will be a great opportunity to come together as a Falcon community and celebrate the success of the bottled water drive,” Principal Michelle Ramsey said. “I do think that the incentive encourages students to donate. However, in life, we should never expect a reward just because we helped someone else out. We should do so out of the kindness of our heart and our desire to serve others.”

The school also came together last year and donated water to the people in Louisiana who were suffering from catastrophic flooding caused by prolonged rainfall in the southern parts, so this was nothing new for the faculty, staff, and students.

“I think the water bottle drive is a great opportunity for the Galileo Falcon Family to serve those affected by the disaster that both hurricanes left behind,” Ramsey said. “We can and should always come together and help other people who may be struggling. We never know if we may need the help in return one day. A part of our FALCON Matrix is community. We instill in each student daily that we are to be involved in our community and beyond. This is a great way to serve other communities by partnering with a local organization right here in Danville, God’s Pit Crew.”

After the drive is complete water will be loaded onto a God’s Pit Crew truck and taken to the victims of these natural disasters with numerous trucks of supplies already been delivered by the Crew.