Apple new release met with criticism

Danielle Duan, Editor

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On Sept. 12 Apple came out with three new versions of the iPhone, releasing the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and the X. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are simply updated versions of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus while the iPhone X has a completely different design from the iPhones that have been released previously with several of the normal features being removed.

Last year when the iPhone 7 was released Apple decided to remove the beloved headphone jack and made new headphones that iPhone users had to buy if they wanted to use headphones. It caused some issues even though last year’s sales of iPhones were up by three percent. This year the new iPhone design might cause additional stir because they have almost completely changed from what they used to be.

According to Gadget Hacks Web site, the iPhone X has lost the home button which takes you back to the home screen as you exit an app. The home button was a really nice feature because you could easily access the home screen with just a push of a button. The new model now has a home bar, similar to what is on the Macbook.  If you slide upward on the phone it will take you back to the home screen. The Home Bar can be really inconvenient to people if they are trying to scroll up the page as it might exit you out of the app.  You can also side up to unlock the phone if you chose not to use the Facial ID. Since they removed the Home Button they made the screen cover almost the whole front of the phone, minus where the front-facing camera is located. The back of the phone is all glass with a new camera update that makes it vertical instead of round. I think having a mostly glass phone really isn’t the best idea because if someone drops it then there is more area to crack.  

With the loss of the home button the new iPhone has also lost the touch ID to unlock the phones. The Touch ID is where users would use their fingerprint to unlock the phone. To replace Touch ID they are now using facial recognition to unlock the phones. You set up the facial recognition lock the same way you would set up the touch ID through settings. They should have kept the old design as the downside of this new facial recognition is that when you are on your phone looking at the screen it knows when you are on your phone and it silences your notifications. It’s kind of personally invading because your phone’s camera is on and someone could be watching you while you are on your phone.

To use Siri on the iPhone X you will have to hold the power/lock button until Siri kicks on. You will also double press that button when using Apple Pay. If you are trying to use Siri or Apple Pay you may not hit the button correctly and it will lock the phone and you have to do it all again. Many users found the home button easier to use as you might exit out of an app by accident but you could easily open it up again and not have to unlock your phone again. I would say the removal a lot of beloved features present in previous models will be problematic with Apple users but I guess only sales will tell.

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Apple new release met with criticism