Chipotle holds grand opening Aug. 31

Ashlee Jones, Editor

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Chipotle has finally opened up in Danville, located in the parking lot of Piedmont Mall, right beside the new and improved Starbucks.

Junior Oscar Kemp is currently employed at the restaurant, and has been working for about a month now at his first job.

“My first interview was basically about my personal life and school and my second interview dealt with a bunch of general knowledge questions about what you would do in the workplace. Everything went really well,” Kemp said.  “I think my manager picked the perfect staff. “It’s an all around fun environment to be in.”

According to Kemp, the 38 employees at Chipotle are of a variety of ages though the majority is a younger crowd.

“The first few days were kind of challenging, but I eventually got the hang of it. I am a takeout service manager which means I handle online orders and have them ready before the customer arrives,” Kemp said. “Chipotle is definitely a great place to come and eat so you can enjoy yourself. I love how everyone is very energetic and outgoing.”

While Danville is already home to several Mexican restaurants, food lovers visit Chipotle because of the ability to customize menu options with different responsibly raised meats and organic tofu and a variety of rice and beans as well as numerous salsas and cheeses.

“The burrito is the most popular food item on the menu at the moment. It’s the most expensive, but you get the most food in it,” Kemp said, confirming that 5-9 p.m. are the busiest hours for the establishment.

This leads to many late nights for this student who works to balance employment and a full course load.

“Everyone is getting out of after-school activities and getting off of work. No one feels like cooking, so they come to Chipotle,” Kemp said. “Sometimes I get home late because I make sure the place is clean and ready for the next day.”

While the grand opening was hectic, Kemp said the business does offer him a flexible work schedule, especially as the newness of the restaurant wears off.

“I am not the only student worker who is there, there’s quite a few of us, but I’m the youngest person on the staff,” Kemp said. “They’ll give you days off if you need, especially dealing with something school related. You still have to put in two week notices if you have something coming up.”

Hours for the new restaurant are 10:45 a.m. – 10 p.m. daily.