Give math a chance

Luke Garcia, Editor in Chief

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Time and time again I hear ignorant comments in math classes such as “We aren’t going to use any of this ever again!” and “How are we supposed to use (insert mathematical concept) in our future careers?”. Every time I hear this, I’m irked. I argue that math is useful, whether you like it or not.

Now, math is a little harder to defend now that I am a high school student.  High school math is much more complex and the uses aren’t really as obvious as the simpler maths we learned back in elementary and middle school, but the information gathered from high school math subjects is nonetheless advantageous.  

First of all, high school math subjects are incredibly important when it comes to STEM field jobs, and that’s where all the real money is.  According to a Department of Education report that gathered data over a period of four years, college graduates in the STEM field earn an average of $65,000 annually, while those not in the stem field only earn about $50,000 annually.  Even if you’re not interested in STEM related occupations, high school math subjects teach critical thinking, which is essential to nearly all jobs anyways.

STEM jobs are not only advantageous income-wise, they are also important for the progression of modern-day society.  This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone as it is common knowledge that our world that is extremely dependent on electronics to remain productive and innovative.  We need people to do things like engineer automobiles, create new means of generating energy and predict natural disasters.  None of this would be possible without math.

I am well aware that some people aren’t exactly “mathematics inclined”, and that’s perfectly fine.  Lots of my friends are like that.  My issue is with people that see no purpose in the subject and, as a result, don’t try to comprehend the information presented to them in math classes.  I don’t understand where they get the notion that math is useless.  If you simply observe your everyday life, you’ll notice how much math helps.  Basic geometry makes gardening much easier in the planning stage.  Budgets inherently involve the use of arithmetic.  Heck, math helps you pay taxes. The list goes on.  

In conclusion, math is useful both in and out of the STEM field.  I hope that one day all people, even those that are not particularly excellent at math, will recognize the importance of the subject.  

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Give math a chance