Teachers start fitness challenge Aug. 21

Baylee French, Editor

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Galileo staff members and teachers are taking part in a fitness competition this semester having received fit bands from Physical Education Teacher Nancy Rook to catalog steps and calories burned.

“Mrs. Wright found that we had some money left over from a previous grant we received and we wanted to do something for the faculty and staff here at Galileo,” Rook said. “This includes all the teachers, administrators, cafeteria workers, and maintenance.”

Aug. 21 marked day three of the actual competition with many participants getting competitive, hoping to win one of the top prizes.

“Some teachers have 3+ FITNESS TRACKERS, some pedometers, and some FIT BITSs or Garmin watches,” Rook said. “So far the competition has been very successful and fun. I think that having something like this can definitely improve team building between us all as we are working together each day.”

This fitness program is aimed towards increasing the amount of physical activity that the faculty and staff engage in everyday and the students have been told to encourage their teachers and staff as much as possible to see who can push forward.

Since the devices are worn on their wrists, the competitors are able to monitor their exercise with no problem, which makes it easy to see how far they have come.

“We have three Tiers: Novice, Moderate and Advanced,” Rook said. “Each person was given criteria and were allowed to choose their own tier. Awards will be given for the top two people in each tier. We will also have little mini competitions along the way to encourage everyone to get up, get out and go the distance!”

Final totals of the most steps will be tabulated Dec. 15 with the results posted in the cafeteria.

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Teachers start fitness challenge Aug. 21