Movie Review: The Glass Castle

Baylee French, Editor

I was very excited to see The Glass Castle because of how it was advertised in the trailer. The release date was Aug.11 and it was directed by Destin Daniel Cretton.

The film is about a young girl and her family who are very poor and are always moving from house to house. The mother is a very talented artist and the father is an alcoholic who fills the children’s minds with hope by saying in the future he was going to build them a glass castle with everything they could imagine. Throughout the movie, their life was very well depicted because the situations they were put in made me think about what it was like for them.

Emotions were high as they were all faced different situations and learned to develop ways dealing with the constant change while still sticking together. From having a father that was never really there due to his alcohol addiction, to each of them planning to run away after high school, this movie had you at the edge of your seat, just waiting to see what was going to happen next.

The actors in this film were chosen very well. The parents in the story were Rex, played by Woody Harrelson and Rose Mary, played by Naomi Watts. Some of the children were Jeannette, played by Brie Larson; the young Jeannette, played by Ella Anderson and the husband of older Jeannette, David, played by Max Greenfield.

The setting of each scene was remarkable as it really opened your eyes and allowed you to envision what the family was going through everyday. For example, the final house that the family moved into was a big, old abandoned house on a mountain that the family had to renovate completely by themselves with little materials. While I was in the theater, I could feel the tension around the room and how every person was reacting differently. It was a very emotional movie, showing how the relationships between the children and their parents change as the movie progresses and each of them gets older. It was captivating and never once lost my attention.

The Glass Castle is a memoir and one of the best movies of this genre. While also being very emotional, it was very inspiring and heartbreaking at times. I recommend The Glass Castle to anyone who is looking for a movie that really speaks to you and offering a look into the human condition.