New game encourages student interaction

Taylor Herring, Staff Writer

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Pokemon Go is the new mobile game that has engaged many individuals this year in not only activity but also interaction.

“I find Pokemon Go fun because it just makes me feel like I have to catch them all and if I don’t then someone else will. It’s kind of addicting,” Senior Zoe Minter said

The public raved over this new game when it was released in July of 2016. The game quickly turned into the most purchased game in the app store and got all kinds of people out of their houses to go look for these little critters.

“The best place to go Poke hunting is probably downtown because of all the gyms and poke stops. The rare Pokemon like to hang around the poke stops when someone drops a lure. Pokemon are just about everywhere though,” Junior Emily Sellars said.

Poke stops are places where poke hunters can go and collect treats such as Poke eggs and coins.

“I have actually almost been caught by the police poke hunting where I wasn’t supposed to be before,” Sellars said.

While downtown with some friends, people were talking about the old mill being a great place to find Pokemon. Sellars and her friends went to check it out.

“My friends and I went over to the fence and there was a big hole so we just went right in and we were crouching to the ground so we people passing couldn’t see us and when we got to the basement it was open and we found a lot of Pokemon that day and when we were leaving there was two police cars sitting, waiting in the old parking lot for us to come out,” Sellars said. “They asked why we were there and when we told them we were poke hunting they told us to stay out of there and to have a good day, so we didn’t get in trouble but we did get caught.”