Roots and Shoots to print school cookbook

Jordan Huemoeller, Staff Writer

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For the month of April, Galileo’s Roots and Shoots Club is putting together the first Galileo cookbook, a project the club has taken on with the help of Club Sponsors Lisa Coyne and Kathy Shanks.

“The initial idea was one of Mrs. Coyne’s. But, she pulled the idea from the novel that the club was reading at the time,” Shanks said. “We currently have about ten students working on the cookbook, so in total, we have 12 participants involved with this project.”

In addition to the club sponsors Seniors Alex Reddy and Dedra Rodgers are also spear-heading the undertaking which is based off of the book Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual by Michael Pollan.

We don’t have any specific limits on what kind of recipes can be put into the cookbook, just as long as the recipes follow at least one of the Food Rules in the novel have been followed,” Shanks said. “Seeing how everything stands now, the cookbook should be finished in about two weeks.”

Two Roots and Shoots members active in the project are Jordan Harris and Katelynn McCrillis, both eighth-graders kicking off their high school careers early through Galileo’s cohort program.

“The book was written to promote healthier eating and healthier habits,” McCrillis said. “We take the book, and we are using the rules mentioned in the book in order to put this cookbook together.”

Some rules included in the book are ‘The whiter the bread, the sooner you will be dead’, ‘Limit your snacks to unprocessed snack food’, ‘No snacks, no seconds, no sweets, except on days that begin with S’, and ‘Leave something on your plate.’

“If this cookbook does well, we will keep it in the future, and any future Roots and Shoots members can add on to this cookbook, and hopefully, it will be a success,” Harris said, hopeful of the project’s success.

With page after page of positive reviews for Pollan’s work including this book and In Defense of Book and The Omnivore’s Dilemma on popular book sites club members are excited to get on the bandwagon and promote positive eating with their recipes.

“I think it is going really well. I like the fact that we are doing something new this year and I like that we are opening up to the school and not just the club,” Rodgers said. “We have all sorts of recipes from chicken to rice to a fruit dip, and banana pudding. It really does offer something for everyone.”

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Roots and Shoots to print school cookbook