SCA to hold Faculty/Student dodgeball game

Tyler Sutherland, Staff Writer

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The Student Council Association is hosting a faculty/student dodgeball game May 10, an exciting way to wrap up the semester and celebrate a fantastic year.

“Typically we charge $5 for the students who want to play in the game and $1 for the student who want to come and watch which I think is the best part,” Student Council Sponsor Leigh Walker said. “We are holding the game in the gym at Bonner as always from 3:30-5:30 p.m. to give everyone time to get over there and ready.”

This will be the second dodgeball game that the SCA has hosted as the club received a strong amount of positive feedback after the last match-up. .

“Usually we alternate between holding a faculty/student basketball or dodgeball game depending on what the officers and student council members vote on,” Walker said. “When we talked about it this year we decided that more of our students would participate in dodgeball so we are giving that another go this year. Anybody can play dodgeball and everybody wants to hit their teacher with the ball so it kind of works out well.”

Owen Lane, president of the SCA, is pleased with the decision to have a dodgeball game rather than a basketball game.

“Doing the same thing gets tiring after a while and it is a good idea to mix things up now and again,” Lane said. “Dodgeball game is a good way to give the same athletic promise to an even larger crowd. Having something instead of a basketball game for this year is a good way to refresh the students who take part in the basketball game as well.”

Lane said he himself will be playing in the game and invited every to sign up and try their hand at beating the faculty.

“We are hoping that at least 20 students will sign up to play so we can substitute players in and out and keep them from being exhausted,” Walker said. “This is our last event for the school year so I hope everyone will come out and celebrate a great year with us.”

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SCA to hold Faculty/Student dodgeball game