Students attend STEM conference

Jordan Huemoeller, Staff Writer

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On March 22, students from Galileo Magnet High School went to the Institute for the annual STEM-H conference and joined many other students to have a chance to observe the many fields of STEM.

STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, offers students a chance to come to the Institute and explore the many jobs and careers that are offered in those particular branches.

Math teacher Maria Dalton accompanied the students as they went to the conference and she viewed it as an enhancing and enriching experience.

“I think that it’s good for students to have a hands-on-experience for what kind of careers can be provided from these branches. I think that it was also a positive experience for the students to interact with other students and find out what they were planning to do in the future, and why they were excited to go into that particular field,” Dalton said.”

Several exploratory classes were offered at the event, giving the students a chance to participate in numerous activities that provided them with some insight as to what professionals do in these careers.

Junior Jasmine Hodge spent time in a science class and enjoyed the chance for real world experience.

“I went to the one of science/technology exploratory classes and we had the chance to experience how scientists are working with and improving three-dimensional printers,” Hodge said. “Even though we did not have the chance to actually work with the printers, we still had a really enjoyable time and it was interesting to see the kind of future that we are heading towards with the new improvements in science and technology.”

Additional students attending the event included I.B. seniors Alexandra Reddy, Caleb Koch, Wil McLaughlin, and Melissa Throckmorton, each seeking a chance to experiment with possible career options.

“I really enjoyed that they actually let us interact with the worker and the equipment,” Reddy said. “I got to work on plant tissue cultures in the lab and even planted my own flower in the greenhouse.”

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Students attend STEM conference