Falcons fall 6-2 to Nelson County

Jordan Huemoeller, Staff Writer

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On  April 4 the Galileo soccer team competed against Nelson County, playing a tough game but falling to the Governors 6-2.

Having just come back from spring break the Falcons knew the match-up would be a close one but still had hopes for a win.


“The day that we played against Nelson County was actually the first day that we came back from our spring break, and being that we did not practice as much over break, that resulted in our loss,” Assistant Coach Jared Smith said. “We lost 6-2 to Nelson County so we are 1 on 1 in the season. ”

Even though Gavin Oaks single-handedly managed to score both of the goals for the team, the team itself is slowly building, but they have proven that with a little more time and effort, they can emerge victorious this season.

“This game was just a weird game. Our team has improved a lot since the first game. It really should have resulted in a tie game, but it really was a strange game,” Smith said. “We are trying to improve the team’s chemistry. We have strong individuals, but as a team, we have not gelled yet but this is only the second game and I find that we are a strong team already, so I have high hopes that our performance in our third game will improve tenfold.”

Senior Corey Watkins has been on the team since his freshman year at Galileo and says that, while he has enjoyed each season, he truly believes this year boasts the strongest team.

“ The team, I feel, is one of the best teams that Galileo has had in quite a while. I think that we do have some very strong individuals on this team, but the team itself is doing extremely well,” Watkins said. “We do have some players who have experience with cross country, so that makes a significant impact upon our team and its performance. I do think that we will have some games in which we will lose, but I have a stronger feeling that we have a good chance at winning more than half of the games this season. I have high hopes that we will rank higher than we did for our last season.”

The Falcons will next face off away April 20 again Chatham High School.

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Falcons fall 6-2 to Nelson County