February, the month for marketing

Hunter Crumpler, Staff Writer

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February, the second month of the year is upon us and nearly over. This month features two ‘actual’ holidays, Valentine’s Day, and President’s Day. Additionally, Super Bowl Sunday is practically a holiday, as nearly every family in the United States celebrates these two days. However, both instances of ‘holidays’ in this month are just attempts by large corporations to make more money and promote their products.

The first ‘holiday’ in the month, Super Bowl Sunday, is a sporting event blown up to a massive scale. We can see here why February is a great month to promote your merchandise. Due to the popularity of the sport, companies seize the opportunity to advertise to the millions of families watching the Super Bowl through their thirty second commercial slots. Each business tries to run a funny, interesting, or otherwise eye-catching advertisement that cost them upwards of 4 million dollars. It’s a fight to run the best ad so that consumers will want to purchase their item and not their competitor’s. These ads don’t even showcase the product, but rather how ‘hip’ and ‘trendy’ the brand’s advertising team is.

This is a proven method however as many companies use it and have used it for years. Look at the advertisements for Doritos and Pepsi. Do you ever see the actual product? No, instead you see small 30 seconds jokes or stories, unrelated to the actual product. Although this process is not exclusive to the Super Bowl, it is much more frequently utilized during this event because of the increase in viewership.

The second ‘holiday’ in February, Valentine’s Day, is designed to celebrate ‘love’ but is another way the corporations can encourage sales and good publicity. It has become conventional on this holiday to buy chocolates, flowers, and cards for your significant other. Why should you have to buy them a physical symbol of affection? You don’t have to, but large companies will make you believe that you should buy their red-colored candy, flowers, and other seasonal items. These items are the same as they always are, but they can sell them for much more money in February due the day of the year. It’s not like the color comes from the elusive, cavernous pit in the long forgotten forests of China, leading into the mouth of the underworld. This color is readily available through common resources. However, it’s not just the color that make items ‘worth’ more during this month.

Watch TV for a moment, how many jewelry commercials did you see? At least one per commercial break this time of year, all about sharing your love with a ‘special someone’ or ‘your soulmate’ through exclusive rings and necklaces ‘crafted with love.’ Yet again, these ‘special hand-crafted, forged in the fires of two equal-sized volcanoes in Hawaii, the state of love, rings’ are another material waste, as they mean nothing except how much money you can spend showcasing your love for your partner. These are pointless wastes that should not be the way to show your affection.

As one can see, the ‘holidays’ in this month are pointless cash grabs by large companies to make additional profit during this month. It has been this way for quite some time and will most likely remain this way for the indefinite future.

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February, the month for marketing