Women in the draft: The next logical step

Caleb Brinkley, Staff Writer

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US military officials Gen. Mark Milley, chief of staff of the Army, and Gen. Robert B Neller, Marine Corps commandant, stood in front of a Senate Armed Services Committee and stated that women should be required to register for drafts in the military. This follows a similar trend of women now being accepted into combat roles in the Armed Forces.  The two officials’ opinions make them the first military officials that have openly expressed interest towards integrating women into the draft roster.  They also had the support of Navy Secretary Ray Mabus and Acting Army Secretary Patrick Murphy for further discussion on the matter.  The majority of Americans feel that women should have a greater presence in the US military, and this is the next logical step forward.  I support the notion that women should be required to draft if needed.

The US military is the smallest that it’s been in decades, weakening our global strength by not having enough personnel.  Because our military is volunteer based, we cannot mandate a required amount of service for each person.  This leads to today’s situation where less and less youth are volunteering for the Armed Forces, causing a shortage in manpower.  The United States is looked upon by other countries for aid and protection.  If we do not have enough people enlisted, then we will hardly be able to fend for ourselves against a large attack, much less give aid and defense to other countries in need of assistance.  Allowing women to register to the draft would eliminate this problem entirely by providing a near limitless pool of people to choose from.

Secondly, in order for women and men to be completely equal, this must be implemented.  Civil rights have always been a very large issue to American people, especially women’s rights.  For man and woman to be completely equal, all opportunities must be available for those who qualify, regardless of their gender.  As long as a woman is physically capable for the task, or can become physically fit in a reasonable amount of time, she should be required to register for a draft.  However, they should not lower the standards simply because they are women.  Women should abide by the same standards that men are upheld to in order to serve.  This opens the opportunity for everyone without decreasing the strength and effectiveness of our infantry.

Many women also support the notion as well, joining the Armed Forces now more than ever before, with some even opting for combat jobs.  Recently the US Army Rangers, one of the Army’s special operations forces, had their first two women complete training and become official Rangers.  Historically, women have always played a huge role in our wars.  They’ve built the nation’s machines and weaponry, managed our statistics and finances, and even served as spies and preformed medical duties in combat zones.  Many times they are sailors and pilots as well.  Women have proven time and time again that they can handle the stress just like men, and are a valuable asset to our military and to our country’s safety.

The Christian Science Monitor interviewed women in December of 2015 regarding the issue and the vast majority approved and supported the change.  Letting women sign up for military drafting is the next logical step for our nation.  It helps bring us one step closer to complete gender equality while also strengthening our military so that it can better defend us during times of peril.

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Women in the draft: The next logical step