Snow storm halts travel, school

Alexis Escalante, Staff Writer

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A massive snow storm hit Danville on Jan. 22 causing all of Danville’s public and private schools, including Galileo Magnet High School, to close for five days.

The storm dropped 1-3 feet of snow on different parts of the state and also brought strong winds, lasting until Sunday morning. All roads and highways were shut down with many workers and families snowed in with no power for days.

While Danville is no stranger to a bit of snow the storm that occurred last year only brought  two feet of snow, complete with heavy winds, nothing compared to the heavy snow Danville saw this year.

Finance and Economics Teacher Joyce Culley said everyone loves snow days because they get to stay home, put off all the school work and all the studying, stay up all night and she gets to say in her warm fuzzy slippers and pajamas all day.

“We all enjoy snow days, staying at home and sleeping late but the challenge is to ensure that all the required objectives are taught and students succeed with fewer classroom instruction days,” Culley said. “The snow and missing five days pushed back a lot of work and test that my students should have learned in those days.”

Principle Jay Lancaster believes that we are fine for now even with the amount of snow days we had gotten, but whether or not we make up days is all up to the discretion of the school board.

“Technically were still okay, we did lose a few instructional days but as far as having to change our calendar there have been no changes at this point,” Lancaster said. “At this point we don’t have to make up any days the state gives you options by hour or days, but we still have a good 47 hours left but another big snow storm could change that.”

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Snow storm halts travel, school