Students learn with video games

Isaiah Warner, Staff Writer

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In an effort to create a hands-on activity for her world history one class, history teacher Devon Wall allowed her students to create a video game project for their most recent lesson.

“I thought it would be a creative way to help the kids understand the ancient Greeks,” Wall said. “The concept of the project was that the Greeks they learned about had to be in the video game, and they had to associate powers or weapons to the Greeks according to their contribution in the Greek society. I think it went well and I offered a prize to the top projects.”

Some students like Freshman Tyqwon Hubbard worked alone on the project.

“The project really helped me learn about the Greeks,” Hubbard said. “I had a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the video game concept. Working by myself made me want to do well so I could prove to everyone how smart I am. I think the fact that I am skilled at video games made the project all that much easier, which helped me to become one of the prize winners.”

While some worked individually, Nieve Flinn along with others worked in a group.

“I liked working in a group for this project because we got to see everyone’s creative ideas and put them together,” Flinn said. “I had a good time and I think my group had a really good concept of the project. It also made the material we were learning more fun, and that helped me to understand it more.”

Many students like Quindarra Emerson enjoyed the project just because of its creativity and how different it was.

“I already knew the information well, but the project gave us an opportunity to do something different,” Emerson said. “This project was different than a lot of the former activities I have been a part of, and that is why I enjoyed it. It was a great learning experience and I hope we do more projects like this.”