Movie Review: Maze Runner ‘The Scorch Trials’

Hannah Breen, Columnist

The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials is the sequel to the Maze Runner, a movie that came out last year about a boy trapped in a maze with a group of other captives who, by the end of the movie, successfully escape. The Scorch Trials follows the surviving members of the group as they travel through harsh conditions, battling zombie-like beings, while running from WCKD, the corporation threatening them. Both movies were based on The Maze Runner Series written by James Dashner.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed The Scorch Trials. There was never a moment in the movie that I felt the material was lagging. The storyline and action kept moving forward at a pace that was easy to follow. However, I did not find the movie to be overly original. It gave me a Hunger Games meets World War Z vibe. There are many dystopian themes and stories out there and this is just another version of someone’s idea of what could happen in the future. Things such as the crumbling buildings, crazy, infected people, and futuristic technology all seemed a little too familiar from all the other ‘what if’/future movies. Despite this bit of familiar content, there was still enough originality to hook me on this movie.

One thing that really bothered me about The Scorch Trials was its vagueness. The pace of the movie was great and easy to follow, however the deeper meaning and true understanding of everything going on was a little unclear. I realize that time constraints can cause issues with adapting a book to the big screen; however I came away from this movie with many questions. Amongst all the action, they do take time some time to try and explain a couple of things, but it is still not enough for me. The story being told has the potential of engrossing all its viewers, yet, in reality, not a whole lot of meaning went beyond the action and dialogue.

In conclusion, I will admit that even though I still have many questions and am left a little confused, I really did like this Maze Runner sequel. It kept me entertained for a whole two hours and twelve minutes and I would be willing to see it a second time if I had to. My rating for The Scorch Trials is three out of five stars.