Movie Review: Kingsman, The Secret Service

Justin Sorey, Columnist

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When I went to see Kingsman: The Secret Service the other day, I had very high hopes for it. The movie is based off of The Secret Service, a 2012 comic about an uncle recruiting his nephew into a spy agency. The movie does not follow the exact same plot but the idea is essentially the same and still draws from old spy movies. A young thief, Gary Unwin, known as “Eggsy” is recruited to a secret service group known as Kingsman after the death of his father who was a member of the organization.

With its great box office performance already at about $250.8 million worldwide to great review such as its 8.2 out of 10 on IMDb, to suggestions from peers; it’s fair to say the movie had a lot to live up to. However, I do not know if it is because of my overly high expectations or my pessimistic attitude, but for some reason I did not find the movie as great as many had said it was.

While, overall it was an ok movie and was able to keep one fairly interested it was not great. I often found myself confused on whether I should laugh or be worried as if comic relief was a little over used. There was little in between when it came to drama and comedy. Dramatic end of the world scenes where the main antagonist Richard Valentine, the head of a major international software company, launches his evil weapon where often offset by things such Valentines’ lisp, which is comical at first but eventually, hinders the story.

To add to the problems of this film it feels as if the movie is on prolonged build up with little resolution and detail, however this would make it easy for a good sequel to be made, which is an exciting prospect, and may happen according to the film’s director.

Despite Kingsman’s flaws, the movies’ good scenes were brilliant. From one of the coolest, albeit the goriest, fight scenes ever, to some very witty jokes, and even some romance, this movie has it all. It also featured a good mix of humor. Sometimes it was witty and thoughtful satirical humor, and others it was greatly timed lowbrow humor. While with limited character devolvement, it was undoubtedly funny and enjoyable.

Despite not living up to its overly celebrated reputation, the movie was not horrible and all together I was pleased with it and am glad I saw it. Even though, I would not care to watch it again I do believe it was an ok movie and it would not be bad decision to go see it if you need something to do on the weekend with friends.

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