Soccer team try-outs set for this week

Coaches shares high hopes for his second season with the Falcons

Maddie Ensminger, Staff Writer

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The soccer team at Galileo Magnet High School is something that, along with cross country, has brought an athletic aspect to Galileo over the years. In a small, academically focused school the soccer team is an extracurricular that has had to fight to survive. But this year things are looking up for the soccer team.

“Through the years we have had excellent players, but have not been able to finish it on the pitch,” History Teacher and Soccer Coach Hunter Nash said. “This past fall we saw many successes and are expecting big things this spring.”

Nash started teaching at Galileo in January of the 2014 and began coaching soccer along with the previous soccer coach, Jared Smith.

Nash said the fall season was a huge success for the team, but the spring is where it begins to get competitive. So far, the coaches have set high goals for the team.

“We want to finish games ahead of our opponents,” Nash said. “But more importantly, I would like to our school to notice how hard the individuals on our team work, and in doing so rally behind our team instead of leaving us with disparaging remarks.”

The players on the team train hard both during and in the off-season with returning members already practicing a few days a week. When spring season draws closer, and the team becomes established, Nash said practice will pick up to every day of the week with intense work outs.

“Our team has been doing the Insanity workout, which focuses on plyometric movement. These exercises build strength and power, which increases burst speed and muscle strength,” Nash said. “We will also be doing various forms of cardio training such as running hills, suicides, and long distance runs.”

But all this training isn’t just for show as the team hopes to go to regionals and beyond, and in order to do that, they are going to have to defeat AltaVista.

“They are the only team in our district who is in our conference. If we can beat this team, we have a golden opportunity to make our conference tournament final, and advance to regionals.”

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Soccer team try-outs set for this week