How to Make a Portable Music-Amplification Apparatus

Skyler Tuggle, Staff Writer

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How to Make a Portable Music-Amplification Apparatus

When listening to music from the speakers built into your phone or music player, it may not be able to be as loud as you would like. Rather than buying an expensive set of speakers to plug your device into, why not make your own portable music-amplifying apparatus with common household items? This tutorial will you show you how to make a device that can amplify your tunes almost anywhere and requires no electricity. However, this will only work with a device that has a speaker built into it.


What You Will Need

  • Two disposable plastic cups (the thicker, the better)
  • One empty toilet paper roll
  • Duct tape
  • Sharpie
  • Knife or box cutter (sharp)


Time to Construct

  1. Using the toilet paper roll against the side of a cup as a stencil, trace a circle toward the bottom of the cup, and then repeat the process with the second cup. Try to make each circle as even and parallel to each other as possible when the cups are standing upright.
  2. Carefully  cut each circle along the lines you have drawn using a knife or box cutter.
  3. Wrap your toilet paper roll in two layers of duct tape.
  4. Using the knife or box cutter, cut a slit in the middle of the roll big enough to fix the bottom of your device into. Once slit open, additional duct tape may be applied to the edges of the slit for durability.
  5. Push each respective end of the toilet paper roll into each cup, then apply tape to the edges to keep the roll in place.
  6. Now, you may place your electronic device speaker-end down into the slit in the middle of the toilet paper roll and play music.

With your new portable music-amplification apparatus, you can turn any dull moment into a party. There is no need to charge the device before use, and the cost beats that of any expensive set of speakers. This easy-to-make device will save you tons of money and works great for amplifying your music when barely-audible just isn’t enough.

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How to Make a Portable Music-Amplification Apparatus