Coach Jared Smith has high hopes for this year’s soccer team

Turner Ermatinger, Staff Writer

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The Galileo Soccer Team is practicing, warming up and preparing for their spring season, the tenth since their start in 2003. Soccer season is here and this year, coach and history teacher, Jared Smith, has high hopes for his new team. Smith, returning for his second year as coach, will be joined by an assistant coach, fellow history teacher, Hunter Nash.


When asked about any goals for this season, Smith said, “We want to be competitive, win a few games, and establish a good program for next year.’


The season has not yet begun, but he has already had a myriad of students lining up to join the team. At the tryouts, he had a turnout of over twenty players, some returning veterans from previous seasons along with new faces.


With his prospective team, Smith said that this year,  he hopes for the team to, “play hard, play well, play consistently and to achieve victory.”


His hopes remain high with the addition of his new assistant coach. He brought on Nash to help train the team in their skills. Smith says that with Nash’s help, exercise, conditioning, and the team’s competitive spirit, the team is sure to win. Tryouts have been going on for about three weeks, and final cuts will be this week.


“I cannot give names yet, but I will say that we have a potential to have a good season,” stated Smith.

This year’s players will strive for more dedication, and an unrelenting desire to win, and this gives hope for the coaches, team, and the fans.

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Coach Jared Smith has high hopes for this year’s soccer team