Galileo students prepare for college

Shakira Hairston, Staff Writer

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With the graduation date, May 23, creeping near, the seniors of Galileo High School are scrambling to finish making last minute college preparations before it is too late. These students are faced with the challenge of choosing the college where they will be spending the next four years of their lives.


Senior Ivy Dickens shares her fear of finishing last minute preparations, “I slacked off a little and had to scramble to finish my applications on time, and now I have to wait even longer to hear back from them.”


Although Dickens’ late actions have hindered her, Dickens says she still has a plan for her future after graduation.


“I know exactly what school I want to go to and what I want to do with my life. It has been a hard decision to make but I feel I’ve made the right one,” stated Dickens.


Dickens is not the only student who has made her decision on a college. Senior Vanessa Rodriguez has been making her future plans since the beginning of the school year.


“I know for the most part what I want to do with my life,” shares Rodriguez. “I know what college I want to go to.”


Rodriguez got a jump start on her applications and had her plan set in motion early on this

school year. Now, Rodriguez plans to get a start on her scholarship applications and receive as much money as she possibly can.


“I know where I want to go, but that doesn’t mean that I can go there,” added Rodriguez. “I want to get as much money as I can to attend the school I want, but if I don’t get enough money, I’ll have to pick another school to go to.”


The seniors are working hard toward reaching the post-graduation goals they have previously set for themselves. Though they are finalizing these plans, they intend to try to enjoy the remainder of the year.

Dickens shares, “It’s really hard balancing everything out in my senior year, but I’m trying to enjoy it as much as possible and take it all in.”

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Galileo students prepare for college